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Ian D. Stewart

Vice President

Vice President and Senior Analyst

EMC Research

Ian D. Stewart is a Vice President and Senior Analyst with EMC Research, and has worked at the firm for the past decade.

He has worked for a variety of clients and on a wide range of public policy and attitudinal issues helping them to define and understand the challenges they face.

In addition to being an expert focus group moderator and senior analyst, he provides full research services to clients including questionnaire and sample design, survey testing and fielding, analysis of research results, focus grouping, and implementation of findings.


EMC Research is a national, full-service opinion research and strategic consulting firm. The company has offices in three states, San Francisco/Oakland CA, Seattle WA, and Columbus OH.

EMC’s team of research professionals serves a broad base of clients. EMC can conduct opinion and market research studies anywhere in the United States using a variety of methodologies custom-tailored to each client’s research objective and specific needs.

EMC provides complete service for all industries and respondent types including business to business, consumer, and specialty groups.

EMC provides premium qualitative research with its expert focus group moderators, and full service quantitative research for any size focus group or individual interview.

EMC is specialized on social, public, and governmental issues, health care, transportation, environment, brand image & communications. EMC provide deep and thoughtful analysis presented effectively in a manner that is easy to understand and act on.


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The difference between ‘less bad’ and ‘much better’

Recently, market researchers have become increasingly interested in integrating insights from ‘Behavioural Economics’ into their traditional research approaches. However, this was pretty much restricted to an inductive transfer of selected insights into designs and questionnaires on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, there was no systematic merging of these insights with the classical blockbuster tools of market research, especially with conjoint analysis. This go-to tool for simulating and modeling human choice is commonly criticised for assuming rational choice – something that has been regularly proved to be unrealistic. For the first time, a true solution to this problem has been identified by seamlessly merging conjoint analysis with the most important insights from ‘Behavioral Economics’. This makes predictions more valid while maintaining the core advantages of conjoint analysis.



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