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Priscilla Sze

Managing Director

Managing Director of N-Dynamic

N-Dynamic Market Research & Consultancy Limited

Priscilla Sze was born in Hong Kong and moved to Shanghai, China in 2001. She is the Managing Director of N-Dynamic.

Priscilla graduated from the Marketing Faculty of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She also has a Master of Philosophy degree in Marketing, University of Strathclyde U.K. and a Master in Finance, University of Leicester, UK. She has over 26 years of experience in marketing, advertising and marketing research.

Priscilla has extensive experience in marketing planning, brand management, market research, advertising, sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). She can provide insight into identification of business problems and recommendations on possible solutions for various clients.

Priscilla belongs to a number of professional organizations. She is a member of ESOMAR, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing and an Executive at the Shanghai Chapter of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce. She is also a Council member of the IRIS network.


N-Dynamic is a progressive full service independent market research agency founded by a group of experienced market researchers in year 2000.

We are headquartered in Shanghai and have operating offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. Through its 35 affiliated agencies in China, we are able to conduct research throughout the entire China.

We have a strong management team of Directors from Hong Kong who have over 26 years of international marketing and research experience, and a high-calibre team of local researchers. We have in-depth understanding of the needs of multi-nationals and the local Chinese marketplace, thus bringing us lots of loyal customers from a variety of industries.

N-Dynamic Market Research is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Chapter of Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MSPA). It has also formed a Joint Venture in China with GiPA, an European company specializing in automotive aftermarket. The China Joint Venture adapts GiPA’s European business model and services to serve automotive aftermarket suppliers in China.

Asia Forum, 7th April 2011

In China, a great deal of importance is attached to face-to-face interviews since important topics aren’t usually discussed on the phone. However, a very dense and complex social network means that so-called ‘intermediaries’ are required to make contact. They are known to both the market researcher as well as the interviewee, and they then establish contact between the two parties. One also has to consider the political situation, which means that certain issues or topics are taboo. (see the video)


N-Dynamic host IRIS international market research forum in Shanghai China

As the exclusive Chinese partner of IRIS (International Research InstituteS), N-Dynamic Market Research and Consultancy Ltd. organized an international market research forum entitled "Enhancing marketing effectiveness through advanced market research solutions around the world" in Shanghai, China on April 20th 2012.


Collaborating with Gen-Y

Leveraging generational insight to build the best workplace for Gen-Y in China

China’s Gen Y is large, currently in very great demand, and part of one of the world’s fastest growing, largest, most powerful and most rapidly changing economy. As a result, this study breaks China’s Gen Y population apart from the rest and holds them as a unique group of employees. It examines China’s Gen Y from the perspective of China’s managers and employees. It studies international and local companies alike, across various regions in the country. It casts a wide net across the Internet, and probes deeper with in depth interviews. It uses case studies by China-based companies for likeminded China-based companies to create concrete pathways to change and improvement. While global lessons can be garnered from its pages, its perspective remains respectfully focused inward on China and what its companies need to succeed in the next generations.