ARC Rynek i Opinia Sp. z o.o.

Adam Czarnecki

Ph. D.

vice President of ARC Rynek

ARC Rynek i Opinia Sp. z o.o.

Adam Czarnecki, Ph.D, is the vice President of ARC Rynek i Opinia and one of its co-founders.


ARC Rynek i Opinia is a Polish full-service institute which offers tailor-made research, adapted to a particular client’s expectations using a variety of methodologies including:

Face-to-face interviews (in-home or in-office, PAPI), computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI), computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI), computer assisted Web interviews (CAWI), central location interviews, Mystery Shopping (MSPA – Mystery Shopping Providers Association), mix mode.

ARC Rynek i Opinia manages one of the largest online panels in Poland:

ARC Rynek i Opinia provides full services for all industries and organizations. The institute is specialized on telecomunication & IT, finance & insurance, health care, media, brand image & communications, social and public issues.