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Sociologist specializing in Marketing from FGV


Adelia Franceschini is a Sociologist specializing in Marketing from FGV. She has been a Partner Director of Market Analysis Franceschini since 1991, market research using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Prior to this, Adelia was Director of Marketing for TVA, Veja Magazine and Marketing Manager in the newspaper Estado de São Paulo.

Adelia was a founder and former president at SBPM – Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisadores de Mercado, and was a Board Member at ABEP from 1999-2002, and a Director at IVC - Instituto Verificador de Circulação from 1984 -1986

In addition, Adelia has been a professor at:
- FESPSP – Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo
- ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
- FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Adélia is also keynote speaker at many Congress and Courses, have published articles and whitepapers in publications and magazines. And she recently wrote the book: "Se eu fosse você, o que eu faria como novo gestor de Marketing"


Fran6 was founded in 1991 with the mission of accomplishing surveys for the most known companies in Brazil and abroad. The company has developed and undertaken hundreds of surveys all over Brazil, and has headquarters located in São Paulo.

Fran6 has been connected to ABEP - Brazilian Association of Market Research Companies since November ’96. Not only as a company member but with a partner, Adélia Franceschini contributing as a Board Member during 8 years.

In 2010 Fran6 opened a Marketing Audit Division with one mission: maximize the efficiency and return of its clients marketing actions. The multidisciplinary team is formed by experienced professionals such social scientists, mathematicians, psychologists and marketing developing ad-hoc and continuous studies leveraging the clients’ results.

Facilities: Fran6 is located on a strategic business area in São Paulo with two nearby sites for different activities, Fieldwork & CATI and Planning & Analysis.

CATI: We offer Computer Aided Telephone Interview studies run in our own infrastructure with twenty two stations able to listen and record the calls and assisted by a SaS prime solution. Nowadays Fran6 perform more than 100.000 interviews per year.

Data Processing: For a bigger agility and confidentiality on the information of our clients, we count on a staff, which process data including all kind of statistical tests and data treatment. Moreover Fran6 is able to geo localize all geographical information, presenting results on a map perspective providing intelligence beyond the maps.

Fieldwork: Internal recruitment process for Qualitative research with specialized professionals is part of our staff supervised internally. The fieldwork runs with qualified partners spreading all over Brazil.

Innovation: Fran6 recently launched Plataforma 6 a unique Social Midia Platform able to manage small groups up to 50 people with this interactive and dynamic task oriented tool.


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