Marcelo Mercado Lora

General Manager

The General Manager of CiesMori.


Marcelo Mercado Lora is the General Manager of CiesMori. His academic background includes Economics and Statistics studies in Bolivia and USA. Before founding CIES Internacional, he served as Executive Director of the National (Bolivian) Institute of Statistics and as an Economic analyst at a Government think tank organization. He also worked extensively as a consultant for international organizations.

As General Manager of CIES Internacional, he conducted a wide range of marketing research and socio-economic studies. He was also partner and shareholder of Cimagroup, a regional company in 6 Latin America countries and Managing Director of Cimagroup Peru/Bolivia for a period of 8 years. He also worked as the General Manager of Synovate Bolivia for one year.

CIES Internacional is now CiesMori.



CiesMori is a full service statistics and consulting firm established in 1991, which carries both marketing and socio-economic research at the household, individual and outlet level. Our services include quantitative, qualitative, modeling and desk research. CiesMori is affiliated to the National (Bolivian) and American Chamber of Commerce, respectively.

The vision of our work is to provide our clients with the best solution available for their information needs for planning, analysis or actionable decisions. Our services are guided by our founding values of full commitment and innovation, yet based on an appropriate evaluation and comprehension of each project framework. This work philosophy together with our solid methodologies and ethics, provide our clients confidence on our services, which often result in a long and an on-going relationship

We carry out 5 types of services:
a) In-store research thru retail audits, merchandising, outlet censuses and distribution studies.
b) Geo-marketing and location studies based on our own GIS and digital cartography platform, which is fed by our regular outlet censuses.
c) Household and individual research about consumption and behavior patterns, which include studies such as Advertising, Brand Tracking, Consumer satisfaction, Image, Positioning, Product and concept tests, Public opinion, Segmentation, Usage & Attitudes, and other Ad-hoc marketing research studies.
d) Socioeconomic research and consulting, which include Baseline studies, Impact evaluation, Monitoring, Sectorial studies and Econometric modeling.
e) Fieldwork and Data processing.

We have a multidisciplinary staff which includes professionals from different fields: statistics, business administration, computer and industrial engineering, economics, psychology, sociology, demography and accounting.

Our experience and expertise covers various sectors including Consumer packaged goods, Consulting, Construction, Demographics, Finance, Health, Media, Public opinion, Retail and trade, Socio-economic, Telecommunications and Tourism.

Our clients include multinational companies as well as large and medium local firms, International cooperation agencies, Bolivian Public sector agencies, Local non-profit organizations and International NGOs.

We have 4 offices in the major cities and count with representatives in other minor cities and rural areas. We gather information thru direct household, individual and intercept interviews (PAPI /CAPI), 14 CATI stations, web central locations and focus group facilities in 3 major cities.