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Released: Feb 1, 2011

(February 2011)

On 7 April 2011, IRIS member Vocatus will be hosting a forum entitled 'Market Research in Asia: What Really Matters' in Munich. It will draw upon the expertise of the leading lights of Asian market research, who will be appearing in person in Munich.

IRIS partners from Japan, China and India will be discussing the special features, challenges and stumbling blocks faced by those specifically conducting international studies in Asian markets. More information…


Our French Partner Future Thinking France will Attend the Printemps des Etudes in Paris

  • Mar 20, 2019

Future Thinking France (FTF) will present during the Printemps des Etudes in Paris - Palais Brongniart - on 11th & 12th April 2019, how our models combined with machine learning help companies to optimise their customers experience, their ROI on customers loyalty programs as well as enrich their customers databases.

  • The 1st example will be on « Super Détracteurs», which has been awarded at MRS Awards 2018 in London, in the category: Innovation in Data Analytics. FTF will show you how Liberty Global, major actor in Telco, has optimised its customers loyalty ROI thanks to our predictive modelling and has decreased proactively the churn. In combining different sets of data (research data, internal data: transactional data, equipment, usage, interactions/points of contacts, CRM,...), FTF have successfully built an predictive algorithm for the NPS, with a 80% efficiency rate, score that adjusts itself via machine learning. In fine, the model has been integrated to LG operational system and helped to better target customers on those who are at higher risk (Super Détracteurs) helping the customer team to refine their speech to encourage loyalty.


  • In the pharmaceutical sector, FTF will tell how, for a major laboratory in the case of a launch, this agency has identified the prescription potential amongst specialists targeted in their CRM, in order to prioritise the medical visits and boost the prescription of their new product via targeted operational actions.


  • Finally in the media industry, FTF will explain how via a loyalty predictive modelling they have helped clients even with limited data availability.


To visit the Printemps des Etudes in Paris and be part of this experiencie, enter the website:








Our Mexican partner Claudio Flores Thomas, PhD., will preside the Mexican AMAI

  • Nov 20, 2018

Claudio Flores Thomas, PhD., Vice President and Partner of LEXIA Insights & Solutions, our Mexican partner for the IRIS Network and Member of the IRIS Network Council, will preside the AMAI - the Mexican Association focused on the Intelligence Sector applied to Business and Social Affairs, during the 2019 - 2020 period.

The AMAI was founded in Mexico in 1992. It is an independent group of organizations that carry out different phases during the process of data generation and transformation for decision making in social or business areas. It is dedicated to promote the professionalization of that productive chain, and improve its quality, all for a better development of Mexico. To date, it has 74 companies among its associates.
For this designation, Dr. Flores said that he arrives with emotion and desire to do new things to help this industry, which has given so much to its associates, clients and the Mexican society in general. As always, he added, the ultimate goal is to generate more value for the guild and of course for the AMAI associates.

It is our most profound honor to count with Dr. Flores as an IRIS Network Council Member and as our Mexican partner, and we wish him the best for his future endeavors as the President of the AMAI during 2019 - 2020.


Sugata Research celebrates 10 successful years in business

  • Jan 15, 2018

Sugata Research, the IRIS member for Japan, had a gala event at the Park Hyatt Tokyo to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The gathering brought together both current and previous employees, some of whom travelled from overseas for the event.

The party was our chance to say thank you to those who have helped Sugata become one of the biggest and most successful qualitative agencies in Japan. It was also an opportunity to both reflect on the past and look towards what we will strive to become in the future.

An important part of our future is our involvement with IRIS and we hope that we can help to bring further benefits to this vibrant network.


Welcome to the IRIS Network Market Support!

  • Oct 19, 2017

The IRIS Network is pleased to welcome Market Support to the team.  Based in Thailand, Market Support is headed up by MD, Saismorn Punkrasin.

As a full service research agency, they have extensive experience and expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research, covering a wide array of industries with a focus on FMCG.

Their mission is to provide the best consumer understanding and help clients to creatively use consumer insights to build strong brands and successful innovations.

The Market Support team is proud of their heritage in developing customised research programmes for their clients.  Given the variety and complexity of issues that clients face these days and evolving objectives, this level of flexibility and adaptability they offer helps them to meet client needs effectively.