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Megha Joshi


Q&Q Research Insights

Megha Joshi joined Q&Q research Insights Pvt Ltd in 2007 just after completing her PhD in Horticulture. 

She started her career in MR in telecom sector, handling Quality monitoring studies for Vodafone. Post making telecom her forte, she progressed to handling end to end studies in agriculture sector.

Currently a Director in the company, Megha is an integral part of the Senior management and actively handles studies in agriculture, consumer, auto and telecom sector.


Q&Q Research Insights Pvt Ltd is a boutique market research company specializing in agriculture and rural research, healthcare, mystery shopping, telecom and census.

Q&Q is known for maximizing the value of products, services and brands by providing relevant and actionable solutions which brings the consumer closer and adds value in the decision-making process.

Q&Q works together with clients to understand their business environment and marketing requirements, seeking solutions to meet the needs of the local markets. Headquartered in Mumbai, India Q&Q has a strong presence across India through full-fledged research and field offices and can undertake multi-city studies.

Based on the variety of projects, size and types of clients Q&Q is one of the leading agencies in India and was included as part of the top 10 research agencies in India by Silicon Media in 2014. Q&Q is a member of Market Research Society of India (MRSI) and has individual members who are part of World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR).