GRM Global Research Marketing

Giuliana Reyna

Managing Director

19 years of experience in the field

GRM Global Research Marketing

Giuliana Reyna is Managing Director of Global Research Marketing.

She has 19 years of experience in the field of market research including international experience in Paraguay, Argentina and Chile; and a degree in psychology, and master in commercial and marketing management.


Founded in 2008 Global Research Marketing - GRM - is a leading independent Peruvian market research agency based in Lima. We offer a full range of advanced quantitative and qualitative studies to a broad range of national and international clients. GRM conducts innovative and personalized market research in industries which include; Logistics, Pharmacuetical, Retail, Automotive and Financial Services.

Our philosophy is to achieve total satisfaction, by tailoring projects to the specific needs of each individual client.

Our mission is to work closely with our customers as a strategic partner offering the best possible market intelligence to our clients, with a tangible return on investment.

Our vision is to be known as a market research agency which provides a highly personalized service in a professional, transparent, honest and ethical manner.

Global Research Marketing is a member of APEIM (Asociación Peruana de Empresas de Investigación de Mercados) The Peruvian Association of Market Research Agencies.

GRM regularly publishing the results of our own various studies in mainstream local media. This includes studies on nationwide economic prospects at executive level, current affairs, how people celebrate mother's day, and Christmas holidays.

Examples of Studies Offered

Market Research:
Consumer behavior
Consumption habits
Product; product testing, concept, container
Distribution, marketing and promotions
Image and brand positioning
Exploratory before quantitative studies

Quality Studies:
Customer Service
Quality of Service

Social Studies:
Opinion Studies
Working environment

Ethnographic Studies:
Experiential and accompanying studies.

Advertising and communication research:
Pre-test advertising
Post-test advertising
Evaluation of effectiveness in advertising


Bolsa de Valores Lima

Diners Club International

Lima Airport Partners

Metro (Cencosud)

Saga Falabella


Supermercados Peruanos

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola


Executives prefer to take training courses instead of Masters

A study which investigated how executives felt about work related training and specialization. While the majority of those interviewed acknowledge the need for specialization, many thought that a masters degree was unnecessary. Most preferred training course or diplomas especially in fields such as management, planning and leadership.


36% of Lima residents believe their income will improve in 2012

For the third year running our study found that Lima residents maintain a positive economic outlook. Many people feel that the continuous economic growth has shielded them from the financial crisis in Europe. This study looks at peoples future income expectations, spending and saving habits and future saving potential.

Executives admit that their companies have no anti-stress programs

A GRM study on stress in the workplace revealed that companies do little to prevent occupational stress, even though this reduces the prospects for company success in an increasingly competitive market.


Where and how much? Peruvian executives' national holiday plans

A behavioral study on the habits of Peruvian executives during the national holiday - “Fiestas Patrias”. This included studying peoples feeling of national pride.