Future Thinking France

Stéphane Marder


24 years experience in the field

Future Thinking France

Stéphane Marder, CEO of Future Thinking, has been working in the market research industry for 24 years for companies such as BVA and LH2.

As CEO of Future Thinking, Stéphane uses his MR experience across many sectors to help clients benefit from the best practices possible in understanding customer behaviors


Future Thinking is a full-service research agency that delivers competitive advantage by driving change. Created to deliver research and insight we help build client success, using our hardworking mix of intellect and commercial awareness to stand out from the crowd.

We use proven tools and techniques — but we use them better. Dedicated teams with a mix of agency and client-side experience; innovative thinking; advanced technology, and analytical expertise keep us in front

Future Thinking is specialist in customers’ knowledge using innovative tools to better understand and anticipate behaviours. Most of its approaches, both qual and quant, are dedicated to add knowledge on unconscious behaviours, bringing added value to the traditional methods.

We provide full service for all industries and respondents type (BtoB or BtoC), for any size of research and has expert focus group moderators providing full service for focus groups or individual interviews.

Our team of research professionals can conduct market research in any French market using a variety of methodologies including telephone, internet, mail, and intercept.